Friday, June 7, 2013

Travel Snaps - Japan - best of the rest

Hakone Shrine

Lake Suwa 諏訪湖

Tsumago 妻籠宿 in Kiso Valley
One of the stops along Nakasendo 中山道

Shiraito falls in Karuizawa 軽井沢 白糸の滝


Blueberry flowers covered in morning dew


Kenrokuen, Kanazawa 兼六園

For those of you who like Japanese gardens.

Shirakawa-go 白川村

It would be nice to see all the roofs covered in freshly fallen snow, but it would be tougher to travel around.

Kamikochi 上高地

Scenic mountain resort offering views of snow-capped mountains.

All the bridges get really crowded
Try to get there early
Take an early bus

Not to be missed
Beautiful flora everywhere you walk

Perfectly clear water runs through Azusa river

Around Nikko - Fukiware Falls, Lake Chuzenji, Toshogu, Lake Yunoko

Fukiware falls

A field of wild flowers along the path surrounding Fukiware falls

Lake Chuzenji

Sun deck at the boat house in Lake Chuzenji

Beautiful, ornate crafts found all over Toshogu

Peace and quietness at Lake Yunoko

Lake Yunoko

Lake Yunoko

Travel snaps - Tokyo

Crab - served in a stand-up bar / restaurant

Shellfish platter from the same restaurant

Midori sushi, Shibuya branch
people are queueing up for their good value and fresh offerings

Delicious ramen at Kichijoji with crispy fried garlic
and their fried rice was yummy too

Tokyo skyline

Jigokudani Monkey Park 地獄谷野猿公苑

Get up close and personal with your closest ancestors!


Crossing the rope way

Sweet, mellow moment

Some don't play nice - just like kids

Nap time

Feeding and being fed
They spend a lot of time doing



Keep an eye on your bag!

If you're patient enough, they will come to you.

Huh? Really!