Saturday, March 3, 2012

謙記火鍋 Him Kee Hot Pot

配料架 Condiments tray
油麵筋 is a much more precise and correct term for the yellow puff balls but not a lot of the hot pot places in Hong Kong will know what you are trying to order if you ask for that instead of 生根.

牛頸脊 - different cuts of meat is a huge subject and often a reflection of differences in cultures. Take a look at the wikipedia entry for beef if you are in doubt. There were 13 different menu selections for beef slices in Him Kee. The most expensive being 牛頸脊 which can be translated as beef chuck eye.

Update - Please check out the latest entry on beef in our blog for more details.

牛頸脊 beef chuck eye,生根 (油麵筋) fried gluten balls,手打牛丸 hand made beef balls

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