Saturday, March 17, 2012

Special Treats - Lily's Kitchen Proper Dog Treats

If there's anything which guarantees our attention, it's the word "Treat!!". And we are getting something special tonight.

Thanks auntie R for the lovely gift. Tasting report to follow.

Update -
First night tasting - we ate the Blissful Bedtime Biscuits and went straight into a coma until the next morning.  Mum thought it was some secret ingredients in the biscuits, chamomile perhaps, which put us to slumber. But then we had a whiff of 18 year Macallan Whiskey before we ate the biscuits, so not sure which was more powerful.
Second night tasting - we were clamoring for the biscuits and we had two each. Scottie couldn't get to sleep after, still too hungry from the long walk in the afternoon. No whiskey no sleep. But they were delicious nonetheless.

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