Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cholesterol 膽固醇 - healthy Chinese soup recipe 神奇驗方

While going through the hard drive, this recipe jumped out. The ingredients look easy and innocuous enough, perhaps it's worth trying. Lets have a look.

Ingredients (1 tael ~= 37g) Black fungus (it specifies the white-backed variety but that shouldn't be crucial) - 2 taels Lean pork meat - 2 taels Red dates - 5 pieces Ginger - 2 slices To cook Soak the black fungus completely, then boil all the ingredients for 1 hour with water to get 2 cupful of soup at the end.

Drink every morning for 25 days (the residual can also be eaten as you like) and then test for your cholesterol level.

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