Friday, April 17, 2009

Dreaming about $$$ - Part2

Little do I know the relevance of this photo in relation to the title and it can be turned into reality. The photo above was from the same series as a blog entry from 2 years ago. "Hedge Hogging" is all about hedge funds, from a unique perspective of a veteran market practitioner in starting a hedge fund. Insights into how hedge funds make money and why some eventually failed. This is a great book to read again given that hedge funds have turned from studs to duds in the 2 years since the photo was taken. Of course, Scottie is still dreaming about money and all the treats in the world that money can buy!!!

More importantly, auntie has been nagging us to put all our favorite books in the blog and have them linked to Amazon. If you find these books interesting, click on the links and eventually buy the book. You can help us realise our dreams of eternal supply of delicious tidbits. Of course, we will do our level best to get mum and dad to put more of these reviews on our blog and keep improving them after they are published. Happy reading and keep dreaming.

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