Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Move over "Trouble", Obama "Bo" taking over

The most famous dog in the world - this title belongs to "Trouble" who inherited US$12,000,000 after her owner, Leona Helmsley died last year. She's been involved in court battle and death threats since. Poor girl!!

But now, if you take "Trou" out of "Trouble", you get "Bo". The new title owner of the world's most famous dog, the First Dog and yes Obama family dog. As widely reported, he is a Portugese Water dog.

This breed is apparently good for allergic persons as the coat sheds little to no hair and is virtually hypo-allergenic.

Just when you thought 12m is a big number, Bo being the First Dog will have an impact on Obama's decisions on the economy, probably not to the same extent as Nancy Reagan and her astrologer, but just the TARP program alone is worth US$700,000,000,000.

Perhaps Bo will get death threats if the government can't get the economy going again. But meanwhile, lets wish her a peaceful life in the White House.

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