Friday, February 17, 2012

Hokkaido 2012 - Eating Out in Sapporo & Furano グルメ 札幌 富良野

As you probably know by now, vacation trip for mum and dad isn't quite complete without going out of their way to search for food. So lets just see what they had in Hokkaido.

Sashimi beef rice bowl (sukiyaki beef set behind)

Sashimi beef rice bowl 和牛刺身丼 from Kumagera くまげら in Furano. Slices of  locally raised beef over a bowl of hot rice topped with a small dollop of wasabi, this is the signature dish of this famous restaurant. Walked in from the freezing cold of below -10C, one bowl may not be quite enough. The melt-in-your-mouth beef is perfect complement to the slightly sweet rice.

You can develop a huge appetite after skiing from dawn till dusk. You might associate dull and tasteless offering with ski resorts' restaurants, but mum and dad just couldn't say enough good things about the restaurants within the New Furano Prince Hotel. You can see some of food they had there.

Furano beef steak rice bowl
Fried Tokachi Pork Cutlet rice bowl

炭焼処きたぐに - Sumiyaki Dokoro Kitaguni serves local produce in Izakaya style

Roast pork loin from upper Furano 上富良野ポークロース焼き

Roast Taraba Crab claws

Dim sum buffet lunch, a firm favorite with a lot of Furano locals
There are plenty of restaurants to sample in Hokkaido and if a restaurant is mentioned in one of the Hong Kong guidebooks then you shouldn't be surprised to see an even longer queue of people with quite a few Hongkongers waiting in line. That was definitely the case with Nemuro Hana Sushi in JR Stellar Place building.

Creamy swiss roll with soft ice cream inside Shiroi Koibito Coffee Shop

Botan ebi from Gourmet Tei in Sapporo Fish Market ボタン海老−北のグルメ亭

Mix seafood Chirashi again from the Sapporo Fish Market

A massive bowl of Ramen from Ichiryuan near Sapporo JR station - 一粒庵

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