Monday, February 20, 2012

Worst menu item translation

I bet you don't look closely at your holiday photos. With terabytes of data on your hard drive, it's perhaps understandable. Once in a blue moon, you might overlook little gems in the far corner of your photos. Check out the menu below:

Guess you wouldn't want to eat this piece of sushi upon seeing this translation. That fish will give you malignant smallpox!! The trouble is even a Japanese speaker may not know the exact menu item.

This translation suffers from a multitude of sins.

First, "tlatfish" is in fact flatfish with a typo and they are better known as flounders.

But more importantly, the first two Kanjis, 松皮, which can be translated as an abbreviated term of a malignant form of smallpox, should not be translated in isolation here. "松皮かれい"is in fact barfin flounder and considered the king of flounders rarely caught around the Hokkaido and Akita.

And now with the proper translation, you might be more inclined to try out this piece of sushi!!

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  1. So did you correct the restaurant there and then?