Friday, February 17, 2012

Homemade No Dairy Citrus Mango Tart

A no dairy diet doesn't quite go with most traditional dessert, in fact you will be hard pushed to pick any item from the dessert menu of most western restaurants. Mum tried baking a citrus tart from a Japanese recipe yesterday and came up trumps. Even though there wasn't even a drop of cream in the recipe, the citrus cream in the tart came out tasting like the real thing.

List of ingredients:
Orange Cream Tart Topping Fruits
Orange Juice - 250ml Plain Flour - 200g Orange Slices
Vanilla Pod Brown Sugar - 25g Ripe Mango
Egg Yolk - 3 Icing Sugar - 25g
Sugar - 60g Salt - 1/4tsp
Plain Flour - 15g Olive Oil - 60ml
Cornstarch - 10g Whole Egg - 1
Olive Oil - 50ml

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