Thursday, August 20, 2009

You just can't be too careful

Mum and dad took a short trip in Singapore last weekend. As usual, they devoured everything that they could get their hands on in the different hawker centers while we stayed quietly at home waiting for our next meal worrying about them. You might think, "What's there to worry about?"

That my friend is where you are wrong. The world is never as safe as it seems. And you would probably feel safe surrounded by man in uniforms. 12 staff members of the airport security in Hong Kong were arrested yesterday in relation to multiple theft cases from bags of traveling passengers. It was only discovered when a female US traveler realize that she has lost US$ 1,000 from her wallet after passing the security checkpoints in Hong Kong. More people are likely to be arrested shortly regarding this theft ring.

In Thailand, losing just US$1,000 might be your lucky day. Take a look at some of the news weblinks below.
Tourists warned of Thailand airport scam - BBC
Attention airport shoppers - Newser

To summarise, if you browse at the King Power duty free shops in Bangkok airport, you might be scammed into paying more than US$10,000 by uniformed officers on trump up charges in exchange for your freedom. Of course the details would be different from one case to another. We know mum and dad like browsing in those shops and their recent experience with uniformed officers in the land of smiles was less than impressed to say the least. With these reports, guess they will stay at home more often. Yahoo!!

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