Thursday, March 29, 2012

Restaurant - Shanghai Lo 上海佬 in Wan Chai Hong Kong

It's an illusion. You can see this dragon so clearly because the picture was taken using long exposure and post-processing was applied to the photo. So you need a small tripod to take photos in this restaurant.

Perhaps one of the funniest thing eating at Shanghai Lo was that everyone at the table, there were 11 of them, were having a hard time reading the menu. They only realized upon exiting the restaurant that a tiny LED book-lamp should have been offered. So you know how dark it was inside the restaurant. Perhaps understandable given that this restaurant is located in the building where the most famous nightclub this side of Hong Kong Island used to be. Even going to the washrooms you need to be ushered pass dark velvet curtains!! Once you get accustomed to the lighting, or the lack thereof, the Shanghainese food waiting for you were mainly traditional, some with a modern twist and high quality. Portions are small but not overly expensive.

We dare say this is shoo-in Michelin star candidate!! Make sure you reserve a table and come enjoy one of the better Chinese restaurant in town.

Address - 5 Tonnochy Road, Wanchai. Tel: 3125 3888
熏蛋 (smoke duck's egg) - wonderful texture cooked to perfection, just look at the runny egg yolk on the right

川味鴨舌 (spicy duck's tongue), 清炒河蝦仁 (wok-fried shrimps)

上海佬鍋巴 (Shanghai Lo's rice crisps) - one of the signature dishes, the raw quail's egg yolk gets mixed into the small bowl of minced meat sauce and then eaten together with the rice crisps. A great combo

花雕酒醉雞 (Huadiao drunken chicken) - one of the starter highlights, you can smell the fragrance of the Huadiao when the dish arrives.

油淋雞 (literally chicken drizzled with oil) - not the most appetizing name, but great crispy skin and tender meat!!

無錫脆鱔 (sweet & sour fried eel)

脆皮素鵝 (fried yuba)

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