Thursday, June 10, 2010

Graffiti on carriages in Singapore underground

You might not know the name Michael P. Fay. He was the American kid who got caned in Singapore and shot to fame as the US government tried literally to save his ass. The US government managed to reduce his pain by 1/3, he took 4 instead of 6 cane strokes and got a Wikipedia entry for that.

Foreigners never learn from this incident and all the "Caning" T-shirts sold in souvenir shops. The Singaporean government is trying to extradite a Brit for vandalizing an underground train with another Swiss who was already caught. Vandalism in Singapore can carry a fine of nearly £1,000 or three years in jail and three to eight strokes of a cane.

The graffiti was so professionally done that initially the underground staff took no notice and thought it was officially sanctioned!!

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