Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dalat 大叻 Đà Lạt

 ATR 72 is a twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional airliner

The propeller plane touched down!  We made it.  Dalat sits 1500 metres above sea level, and its cool climate and high rainfall makes it prefect for growing vegatables and herbs.

Checking in the La Sapinette Hotel was like checking in to the Ritz (relatively speaking).

Mum and dad took a private car tour with a visit to the "countryside".  Thank goodness they missed the bus tour, and chose the private car over Easy Riders!  The cost worked out to be exactly the same.  Given the roads they drive through and the rain they encountered, grateful was an understatement.

Mum and Dad went in search of local fare, and found this little shop that sells Ban Xeo.  The fiery charcoal fire  attracted them into this shop, which spoke no english.  Mum had no idea what they made, but hey what's your downside.  She ordered 2 of something...  One of the best things they ate in Vietnam...  Hmmm..  still hungry they walked on.  They found this brightly lit, bustling restaurant, with tables seated with 10 and 16 people.  Again, a very local restaurant, no english, but the chef/owner spoke some Japanese words and not enough to translate the menu!  Apparently he worked in Osaka for 2 years.  Mum and Dad was trying to figure out what to order.  The iphone vietnam guide had a one liner, "What's the house speciality?"  The chef was very excited and showed mum "Baba"  which meant turtle.  Ahhhhhhhh.  There was turtle, eels, catfish...  not quite our cup of tea...  Lucky for us, we apparently ordered some fish cake and fried rice by luck.


Dalat Cathedral (aka Chicken Church)

Dalat view from cable car station

Definitely cater your own tour if you can help it.  Skip the Valley of Love.  See the picture below and you will understand.

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