Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Paris - Restaurants, Patisserie and Photos

Some shots from Paris.

Colorful tomatoes salad and creamy mozzarella from Mon Vieil Ami in Paris. Tomatoes in season were sweet and flavorful.
Green asparagus in a risotto, roasted sweetbreads from Mon Vieil Ami in Paris. An amazing dish, if you didn't mind eating something squishy and rich. Love the crispy surface. You need a huge appetite to finish the dish.
Sweetbreads are not sheep's brains or testicles, as some people confused them to be. They are thymus glands or pancreas. If you never had them before, they are taste a bit like bone marrow but richer, tastier.
Canal St Martin - about 10 minutes walk away from Le Chateaubriand

Prawn cooked in Cognac with a slice of nectarine - from Le Chateaubriand 

Jacques Genin Chocolate - exquisite and delicate. 
The spacious chocolat and pastry shop of Jacques Genin in Marais district of Paris. The spiral staircase lead up to the kitchen where everything you see behind the glass display cabinets and more are coming from.
Basil Lemon Tart - Jacques Genin

Jacques Genin in Paris
Jardin du Tuileries
If we ever get a chance to see the Eiffel Tower, this is probably what it would look like to us.......

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