Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trip to the Land of Kiwis

This blog has always been about us, the mutts, hardly anything is written about mum and dad. But then they recently left us home for a 2-week long vacation to New Zealand. So it's party time at home!! Guess you have more interest in the finer things in life like pinot noir than our daily mischief. So here you are, a sneak peek into the north-to-south journey they took.

Most people take a direct flight from Hong Kong to New Zealand, but then mum being ever so inventive managed to redeem business class flights via Singapore. So the journey started with the hawker center cuisine and a fish-foot spa (more on that in a separate entry). The connecting flight was schedule to depart the following morning, mum and dad decided to have a nap in the airport lounge. The short nap turned into a minor nightmare for mum when she woke up realising that her phone has gone missing. After a brief moment of frantic search for the gadget, they decided that it must have been pickpocketed.

The 9-hour flight to Auckland airport was filled with usual inflight entertainment like food served to you in tiny plates and movies on a 5-inch screen. Just before crossing customs mum dumped her bag of dried chinese plums as the sniffing Beagle edge closer to her, after having just hunted down another tourist in the baggage reclaim area. NZD 200 was probably too much to pay for the joy of nibbling dried chinese plums during the long drive from north to south.

Having decided to let fate control the hotel choices for most of this trip, they strolled to the tourist centre, i-Site, in the airport. It was almost midnight. With so many choices and no clues, they just picked something with the keyword "New" in mind. The result was Chifley Suites. You could see the Sky Tower when you look out from the room's balcony. This marked the start of their vacation in the Land of Kiwis, where they saw plenty of things dead or alive, but no Kiwis.

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