Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Walk up Mount Butler

You must be familiar with the government TV advert about how you should be prepared before trekking around country parks in Hong Kong, like tell your friends, bring plenty of water, bring a phone, etc etc. (You know the one where the kid fell down in the middle of some godforsaken place!!) We always thought mum and dad are sensible people and would do the intelligent thing. But how about bringing us for a walk without any of the following: phone, wallet, money, water. Believe it or not, all they had was a lighter, a cigar and newspaper for our poop. But what started out as our usual half hour there-and-back walk turned into 2 and a half hour marathon up and down hill. We started out 4:45pm on Labour day and didn't get home till after 7:15pm. The true meaning of labour. Just as well they took a taxi home from Quarry Bay.......

Take a look at the map and imagine our crazy day. And bear in mind that some of the steps were even higher than our bodies. But it was fun walking up and maybe we can get some pictures taken next time when they are better prepared!

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