Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dog Food - musings on beef

We always wonder why we get to eat tiny tidbits of beef and only after torturous demand of doing all these "Hand! Down! Rollover! etc etc". And our daily meal is the from the same bag of processed lamb and rice. It's strange, because beef is mum and dad's favorite and they go through all the trouble to order every thing beefy under the sun, Black Angus, Wagyu from Japan and Australia, grain fed, blah blah blah.

We wouldn't mind a bowl of Gyudon 牛丼 for breakfast once in a while. This beef on rice in a bowl, popularized by Yoshinoya as a fast food all over the world, had its roots as dog's supper. The legend has it that during the Meiji era when Japanese was first introduced to red meat (note during Edo era, eating red meat was banned in Japan), a Japanese man saw a Western woman fed her dogs with leftover beef stew over rice. The Japanese man followed the recipe and started selling the dish. For the full Japanese article on this topic, please refer to http://www.joqr.co.jp/meister/kunimaru/051003.html. In fact Gyudon is aka Kame Chabu, ie dog's dinner, where Kame was from "Come!Come!". Spare a thought for us next time you go to Yoshinoya.

Back to why we don't get beef for our regular meals. Apparently we get sick from allergies from eating beef protein. For similar reasons, chicken is not a good diet for us either. That's why lamb and rice is often recommended to reduce itchy skin.

Pork is no good for us for a different set of reasons. They are difficult to digest and have more chance of harbouring parasites.

But still hope we get a bite next time when they grill the wagyu beef.

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