Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't be surprised びっくりしないでね。

Hi all, there's been no posts from us for 1½ months through a combo of laziness and lack of inspirations. It's not as if the the last 6 weeks has not been eventful:
Susan Boyle lost in Britain got Talent and got checked into a mental hospital.
On the eve of 20th anniversary of June 4th Tiananmen incident, our government managed to build the longest and biggest firewall in history against foreign evil influence, including blogspots like us.
MJ died at home probably from drug overdose which then bring us the biggest media event ever.
But this blog is about happier things and so none of the above qualifies.

Finally, we can bring you something different. Mum and dad went to Tokyo last weekend and came back with some photos and memories to share with us. But you might ask why is the first post headed by a poster of Labrador and a picture of the Don Quijote shop in Roppongi, Tokyo. What's the connection?

The star in the poster, Rocky, is a retired Narco dog owned by Japanese Customs. This is placed prominently near the luggage conveyor belt in Narita airport. After coming through the shortest immigration queue ever, this poster is the first thing which greeted mum and dad. Basically, it says,
"Even though though I am already retired, my many apprentices will search for the smell of drugs in the premise. So don't be surprised!!"
While dad didn't see any sniffer dogs walking around the luggage area, he wasn't sure if this poster was meant to be a deterrent for drug traffickers going through Japanese airport. As most of these bad characters are deemed to be gaijin (foreigners), they will only look at the poster and think cute dog!! Or did all the younglings were taken back to training after they failed to find the 142 grams to cannabis that Japan Customs planted on some Narita passenger's luggage in May last year.
Everything soon becomes clearer when mum and dad walked through customs.

"Where do you come from?", so started the normal sequence of Custom's questions.
"Hong Kong."......

It was wrong to expect going through after the standard sequence of questions. Every single piece of luggage was searched thoroughly and then just when they thought they are walking through, mum and dad were asked to be body-searched. The whole process was done with the usual Japanese politeness. While waiting for mum to be searched, dad said to the officer who did his search in his broken Japanese, "I don't carry drugs!!" (麻薬をもってない!!)Then the officer said, "High alert from Hong Kong!!" Only then did dad realise what was going on and so he said in frustration, "we are not younglings!!" (若い者がじゃない!!)The officer just shrugged his shoulder and walked away. Mum even got asked to take off her shoes behind the partitions where they had their searches done.

So that's how the picture of Don Quijote got linked to the first picture of Rocky. This was the exact shop where Kelvin Kwan and Jill Vidal (關楚耀 and 衛詩) were found carrying cannabis as a result of a suspected theft. This was briefly mentioned in another entry here. Police subsequently found heroin in the hotel where Jill was staying. Of course all these drug trafficking went on under the nose of Rocky's apprentices and Japan Customs, who probably had the impression that young tourists from Hong Kong were a bunch of mad fashion followers going to Harajuku before this incident. But now, they are no different to Colombian drug lords.

Dad told mum that she should take it as a compliment that the female officer searched her so thoroughly!!

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