Thursday, July 9, 2009

Be careful!! 注意!!

You see signs featured here everywhere in Japan. The bear warning sign being the most well known. And no this wasn't a sign seen anywhere around Tokyo. But the other 2 are.

カラス注意 karasu chuii (beware of crow)
This is found near Tokyo high rise commercial area of Marunouchi (丸の内)warning that crow will attack for food and you should be very careful while you are enjoying your bento (弁と)or MacDonald. 
But if you work around that area, you might need to be more aware of glass garasu chuii (ガラス注意garasu chuii)2 days ago a piece of window glass fell from 21st from of Marunouchi building and a woman was hurt by the broken glass pieces. This sign sits 2-minute walk away from where this happen. See news item here. Sorry can't find an English version.

危険 スッポン・亀 注意 (beware of Chinese soft-shell turtle)
This is found around a pond in the largest temple in Kamakura(鎌倉) near Tokyo. Mum and dad saw plenty of kois there but no turtle.
The sign is perhaps more appropriate for the soft-shell turtles since they are considered as a cuisine in some exotic Japanese restaurants (and of course Chinese as well!!)
水魚, the common name for this species, is also a derogatory term in Cantonese for a gullible person. On a mahjong table if you keep losing to the more skillful players, you are known as 水魚.

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