Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quiet!! Enjoy your ramen 一蘭 (Ichiran)

If you think cuisine should be enjoyed by sharing your experience at the point of consumption, Ichiran is not for you. Ichiran provides an environment where you do the minimal amount of talking and focus your energy solely on a great bowl of tonkotsu (pork bone soup) ramen (noodle). After you bought your meal tickets from the auto-vending machine outside, you go into the main restaurant which is basically rows of seats separated like library booths. Once inside, all you need to do is to decide on exactly how your bowl of ramen should come out. Unlike other ramen shops, you don't get a selection of soup base or toppings, instead you choose the texture of your noodles, how thick you want you soup and how spicy etc. For details check out their own website here.

Try it next time you're in Japan!!

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