Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home-made sausage - Live demo in Kamakura 鎌倉

As we all know, almost everything was invented into China (and then subject to multi-levels of corruptions through some get-rich-quick con scheme) and perfected in Japan. You might be surprised that sausages have gone through the same process. Chinese sausage 臘腸 was first mentioned some 2600 years ago but nowadays you don't know what additives you are really eating if you buy them from China, while mum and dad prefer those made in Canada. For a broader perspective, check out the wikipedia entry here.

nb There are a surprising number of things you normally associate with the western world, which are claimed to be invented in China. Golf, sphagetti, pizza....... Not going to hurt you to believe they were invented there, as long as you don't presume the inventing country produces the best product. Otherwise you might end up buying golf clubs where the club head will sever if you hit the ball too hard!!

Back to the pictures. In Kamakura along the main shopping district, which is basically small street connecting the train station and Hachimangau temple, there stands a small shop selling imported ham and sausages. When mum and dad took their first bite at the sausage, it tasted remarkably like the sausages that they have made at home. It's only when they walk pass the shop again, they saw a bunch of raw sausages lying there with a saucepan of sausage casings. Shortly afterwards a guy from the shop decided to stuff a new batch of sausages there and then. The whole action sequence was captured in video. Perhaps it will get posted when dad gets round to editing it.

nbb - The shop's name, Arukamak is just Kamakura in reverse.

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