Thursday, June 9, 2011

Itunes Accounts hacked?

A topic which normally doesn't appear here, but almost everyone have an Itunes account nowadays and it could potentially be a serious financial liability if it gets abused. Mum found out this morning that one of her friends' Itunes account piled up almost US$700 just over 1 weekend, allegedly from unintentional purchasing of items.

And tonight rumors of Itunes accounts being hacked are going viral and now even IHT (International Herald Tribune) has a story on this.

There seems to be no official word from Apple yet. But as we know from the whole Playstation Network hacking saga, you really need to question the integrity of information you put out there.

Mum has decided to take all her credit card info of Itunes account and updated her password to a more secure version. Perhaps you should look into doing that as well.

PS On a separate issue, Skype appears to become less and less stable. It has suffered 2 operation outages in the last 2 weeks, ie soon after Microsoft announced its intention to buy the company.......

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