Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kyushu 九州 Trip - Can't Stop Dreaming about the Food!!

The slab of Kumamoto (熊本) beef served to all the diners in Nonohana (野の花) in Kurokawa(黒川) that evening.

Shabu shabu in Zen(禅), Miyazaki(宮崎)

Teppanyaki in Imari (伊万里), Imari Beef on the right

Shabu shabu in Saga (佐賀)

Looks like beef, taste almost like beef but they are Kumamoto specialties, Horse sashimi (馬刺).

Superb value Sushi lunch at Hyoutan Sushi (ひょうたん寿司)
The abalone (アワビ) is so fresh that it crawls away from the rice ball!!

Finest quality fatty tuna belly (極上大トロ)
 Hyoutan Sushi (ひょうたん寿司)

Too hungry to worry about taking pictures. The chicken was heavenly though!!
 Yakitori in Ichiro(一郎), Miyazaki(宮崎)

Black curry croquette in Kurokawa (黒川). The white one was good but the black one was really special.

Onsen egg. If you can get a constant 65C hot water bath going, you can also get something like this. Sous vide cooking.

Lobster Miso soup (伊勢エビみそ汁) from along the coast of Aoshima (青島)

Wiggling legs of the lobster, probably not for the faint-hearted

Uni picked up along the coastline of Aoshima (青島)

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