Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kyushu 九州 Trip - Best of the rest

eeny meeny miny mo

 100 Yen loop bus taking you around the city centre of Fukuoka

Special guide dog toilet - not sure if the signs are for the guide dogs or the blind people?!

Surely Yadoya is the name of the hotel......

The warmest outside temperature was 27C.

Cobble path in Nonohana (野の花)

The extended sakura season - shortly after a drizzle.

Sakura in the morning

Onsen bath attached to the room (露天風呂付き部屋) in Nonohana (野の花)

Onsen Egg, the natural way

Onsen Pass in Kurokawa (黒川)

Thought our parking lot is tight!! Kurokawa (黒川)

One of the many feral cats in Kurokawa (黒川)

Look out for cows and horses. En route to Mount Aso (阿蘇山)

Taking a break on top of Mount Aso (阿蘇山)

Japanese Giant Hornet (オオスズメバチ) - kills about 40 people on average in Japan every year. Of course, mum had no idea when dad urged her to take a closer look at the beast!!

Luck and fortune are literally in your hand.

Guys need to throw it into small puddle of water at the back of the rock turtle using their left hands and girls do it with their right hands. Mum got one in. Yahoo!!

The taxi rank outside JR Hakata station

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