Friday, April 30, 2010

樹記鮮竹 - the Mecca of tofu skin in Hong Kong

Last Saturday, mum went to Sham Shui Po 深水埗 to look at threads, cloth, buttons and other sewing accessories. Of course food is never far from her mind. While browsing at the mind boggling selection along Yu Chau Street 汝州街,  she saw a few people queuing outside a shop selling tofu skin. Queues are usually useful signs for good stuff around. The shop sells 7 different variations of tofu skin and mum bought 5 of them. Suddenly dad remembered having read an article about the best tofu skin shop in Hong Kong so he was wondering if it was the same shop. They took the name card which showed a tasteful picture of the shop with its metal shutters shut.

Mum and dad have always tried replicating the pan-fried yuba 湯葉 they had in Kyoto by buying packet tofu skin from the supermarket. They never tasted the same, until they tried frying their latest purchase. All you need is a shallow frying pan where you heat up a bit of your favorite cooking oil, fry the tofu skin in low heat until golden brown. The crispy exterior contrasts nicely with the flavorful, soft interior. The secret is all in the fresh tofu skin.

The shop turned out to be featured in an old article in 飲食男女.

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