Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sony NEX-5 (Part 2) [Hello,Again ~昔からある場所~ by Juju]

If you are still not convinced about buying a Sony NEX-5, maybe the Sony promo clip might move you.

Below is just one of the clips from the above weblink found in youtube.

The following clip is much tougher to locate, as most of the uploads have been taken down. Guess probably has a different copyright policy. We highly recommend watching this MV.

previous embedded youku link


Looks like I spoke too soon about youku copyright policy. The above clip has also been removed by Sony but as it turns out, this MV somehow survived in youtube without being taken down. I guess the secret is using an incomplete title so that Big Brother couldn't locate it easily.

Hello, Again 〜昔からある場所〜 by Juju

previous embedded youtube link

Heard this song in the local radio for the very first time during the weekend and the DJ also highlighted this MV. Enjoy while it's still alive and well!!

Update 2
New working youku link and this song has just become RTHK (local HK radio) weekly recommendation.

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