Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yuyuan Garden 豫園

Before the long weekend trip, mum did her research. Yuyuan 豫園 came up as the place to go, also the Xiaolongbao should not be missed. So first thing in the morning she checked with the hotel concierge about the place and was told that it's the must-go place in Shanghai!!

The taxi-ride was smooth with no drama. After the meter ticked 5 times (RMB17), they arrived. They then realized that they have visited the same place about 8 years ago. Can't be a good sign that it didn't register in their mind at all. Your participation in the human-sardine experiment was guaranteed- see how many can be packed into one place. As usual they decided not to go into the attraction and gave up queuing for the Xiaolongbao, which even if you pay a minimum charge of RMB150 per person, you still need to wait more than 45 minutes. (You can eat the same thing in Hong Kong Causeway Bay under better conditions with no minimum charge.)

Then again, this was the must-go place in Shanghai.

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