Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photos we like - Part 2

Big lychees at the front from Hainan Island looked delicious but the Hong Kong grown small ones were the sweet ones. Not sure if they apply to other things as well?!

Sicilian eggplants - sound classy and continental. But these are bought in North Point market and grown in Thailand!! ゼブラなす, its Japanese name comes from its other common name, Zebra eggplant.

This red-vented bulbul was heading for its last session of feeding the baby bird before the whole family left their nest when young bulbul finally completed its flying lesson. It might look cute but it is included among the world most invasive alien species!! We know coz these are the birdies who ate our peaches.

A clear night in Hong Kong, when everyone was watching TVB......

A tree taller than IFC came out from nowhere,

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