Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lack of contribution + Sony RX100

We have been notable in our lack of contribution to this world of information explosion. It's not as though mum and dad haven't been putting out junk on the internet. They just haven't put anything up in our name sake. Dad has been actively contributing to mum's photo-stream in Flickr. In the last six months since their active participation, they have garnered almost 14,000 views which is more than  50% of the total page views of this blog since inception and more importantly getting hundreds of comments on their photos. A more rewarding experience perhaps......

But Flickr is truly a mine of photographic wisdom. Hopefully it will help us put up some better pictures in their upcoming Europe trip and London Olympics (even though technically you're not meant to put up any of your photos of the Olympics on the internet!!)

Of course, we are not just gonna leave you with some mind numbingly banal comments above. Below are some of the photos they took recently and annotations on some of them.

Hong Kong - Full double rainbow seen right behind our house on 21 July 2012. After a freakish lightning-thunder storm yesterday late afternoon, the sun came out briefly. This double rainbow appeared. This was the second double rainbow they saw this year. The other one was during late June which they failed to take a photo. The last time they saw even a partial rainbow was 7 or 8 years ago.

Hong Kong Sunset as seen from Lugard Road in the Peak 10 July 2012. Hong Kong enjoyed more than a week of clear sky since the last typhoon visit. This brief period of clear weather with the wind blowing in the right direction to clear the horrible smog, from don't know where, was a wonderful setup to show why Hong Kong can be such a beautiful city.
Hong Kong Dusk - Taken in the very same evening not far from the spot where the sunset picture was taken. I bet not many places in this world you can do this. In fact none of the places that mum and dad have been to.

Hong Kong Cityscape - an artistic impression? Again taken on the same day as the photos above.
Dad was honing his skills in taking photos of cuisines and restaurants. Of course appetizing photos are no good for us, unfortunately.  But do let us know if you let them!! - taken at Linguini Fini near Central, Hong Kong.

Tiramisu + Gelato - again taken at Linguini Fini near Central, Hong Kong. It was delicious too:)
Menu of Lupa, opened by Mario Bartali in Central, Hong Kong. The restaurant has garnered mixed reviews both in terms of food and services. While it wasn't outstanding, the services and food were more than acceptable during both dinner and lunch when dad visited recently. Certainly didn't borne out the bad press we heard.
"NOSE TO TAIL" - Everyone has his/her own favorite cuisine. How about a true "nose to tail"!! This spider was carrying more than its own weight, while devouring its favorite meal in the process.

How do you like my bright and shiny eye? If you enlarge this photo, you can see mum's reflection in my eye. (Holding a piece of cheese to taunt me!)

There is one thing in common about all the photos above: they were all taken using the new Sony DSC RX100 camera. There are more samples on mum's Flickr stream if you interested. In fact one of the earlier samples was popularized by a post in's forum that it garnered over 1,300 views since posted.

While we are not really writing about this new Sony RX100, suffice to say that it's like a mini Sony NEX 7 with a zoom lens that's better and more versatile than the NEX kit zoom. And if you want to bring a camera into London Olympics 2012 soccer matches, this is perhaps the most powerful camera that you could bring in while complying with all the rules!

Since Sony is not an official sponsor of the Olympics, it cannot advertise this as the perfect camera for the games. But this is as close as you can get to a perfect camera the events. But then given the shambles associated with the security of the games, G4S has probably too much on its plate than to check camera models......

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