Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Restaurant snaps in Kansai 関西グルメ

Enoki mushroom udon at Koyasan

Yaki Nabe udon at Koyasan
After visiting Eikando in Kyoto, the storm cloud was gathering again. Instead of eating in the restaurant they saw earlier, they stopped at the first restaurant that they saw some action, ie people waiting to be seated. And they weren't disappointed!! The tempura burdock was so delicious that they ordered an extra portion. The udon had plenty of texture and the soup for both was yummy. Just what you need in a cold rainy night. It turned out that Yamamoto Menzou 山元麺蔵 is the highest rated noodle shop in Kyoto accroding to, the Japan equivalent of

Tempura burdock in Kyoto
山元麺蔵 (やまもとめんぞう)

Beef and burdock udon in Kyoto

Curry udon in Kyoto

Cold soba near Kiyomizudera Temple
Fugetsu 風月 is perhaps the most famous of the Japanese okonomiyaki chain. While searching for the next dinner destination, they saw this shop, Boteyu ぼてぢゅう, inside a Hankyu shopping mall. Probably as good if not better than Fugetsu's okonomiyaki!!

Osaka style spring onion okonomiyaki (Beef stew and konnyaku)
at Boteyu near Umeda station
京風ねぎ焼 (国産牛すじ肉、こんにゃく)
ぼてぢゅう 梅田 大阪

Omochi and Cheese Okonomiyaki
at Botejyu near Umeda station
もちとチーズのお好み焼 (特製しょうゆタレ)
ぼてぢゅう 梅田 大阪

8 years ago during sakura season, they went to the same yuba shop for lunch.
When they finally found the restaurant again, they thought it wasn't opened for business. The lights were all off. As soon as they walked through the door, the lights went on and a middle age Japanese lady came out and made greetings. Dad thought business must be bad, no customers!! Soon a young girl and an old man came in. The four of them were the only customers in a restaurant with a max capacity of perhaps eight served by the same lady who came out with the greetings. Upon all four of them leaving another four people in business attire came in to the restaurant. It was then dad remembered that they made reservations for lunch eight years ago and they were lucky to be served!!

Yuba dinner near Nijojo Castle
京ゆばずくし 静家

Golden fried yuba

Yuba cooked in soya milk

Udon in a dried bean curd pouch in Nara
麺闘庵 (奈良市橋本町)

Tofu lunch in Sagano Arashiyama
湯豆腐定食 嵯峨野 (さがの)嵐山
Then an orgy of beef!!

Beef bacon

Premium beef cuts

Select beef cuts

Charcoal fire BBQ beef in Honjin, Osaka
炭火焼き肉 本陣 大阪

Grade 2 Shabu Shabu beef in Shabutei, Osaka
特選黒和牛しゃぶ しゃぶ亭

Grade 1 Shabu Shabu beef in Shabutei, Osaka
厳選黒和牛しゃぶ しゃぶ亭

Grade 3 Shabu Shabu beef in Shabutei, Osaka
上ロース牛しゃぶ しゃぶ亭

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