Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Sur - where are we going to sleep tonight?

After the serene 17 Mile Drive, they headed south to Big Sur to see some of the most spectacular, breathtaking coastline and terrain in their life. The stunning views are beyond words and a few photos are probably not going to do justice. You will know why it's called the "Big South" when you drive along the mountain right by the coast.

Other than the few days they spent in downtown San Francisco, mum and dad didn't book any hotels during the time when they had the rental car. Relying on a believe that times are not that great and there bound to be plenty of vacancies, especially in more remote areas during weekdays. In the most part, the scheme has worked really well saving a decent amount on accommodation by getting last minute rates which can sometimes be 30~40% cheaper.

But Big Sur appears to run on a different schedule to other places. A lot of the cheaper places were full and have been full for a good few months. Of course, there is the option to splash out and stay in Post Ranch. But both mum and dad didn't feel like they were particularly welcome at the reception. They also considered having dinner at the 1 Michelin star Sierra Mar. Despite the spectacular view of the restaurant, they couldn't summon their appetite and somewhat put off by the attitude of the staff there....... Guess that's what you would call corporate culture.

One of the places that mum wanted to stay in was Deetjens and needless to say it was full as well. But they did the next best thing. Dinner was served in a historic house with rustic decor and the food was delicious. After dinner, they went back on the journey in search of accommodation for the night upon the recommendation from the helpful folks at Deetjens.

It was getting dark and perhaps they were getting tired. Natural instincts took over. For the first and only one time, they drove on the wrong side of the road!!! Eeke!! It was lucky that the car headed the other way wasn't speeding and it was kind enough to move to the shoulder on the side. Phew!!

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