Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Sur - waking up in the forest

Not quite, there's still a roof over the head. Unlike Moses, the beagle who got lost after being unleash in Tai Tam country park for 2 nights earlier this week.

After seeing a few places with the "No Vacancies" sign out, they went to Big Sur Lodge. Basically these are lodges with simple amenities located right in the midst of a national park. The night sky was fully lit by twinkling stars which you won't get tired of watching coming from this part of the world where you can literally count the number of stars that you can see.

The air was fresh and crisp in the morning as you would expect staying where they were. They spent the first half trekking the nearby woods and went up to Pfeiffer Falls. By no means spectacular, but it's well worth the detour if just to get more fresh air into the lungs.

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