Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally, mum and dad are back

"Where are you?" Mum and dad were never home at night.

Luckily, granddad came over from Singapore to look after us with the maid, so we still got our daily walks and of course most importantly our breakfast and dinner. But still it's not quite the same when our parents not home. You can imagine our excitement and joy when we saw them back at the door with the suitcases full of things. Surely they bought something back for us!!

New York, Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and London - So many places so little time
They started in New York and then Europe afterward. The trip just got colder by the day!! Lets share some of their pictures and stories here.

Festive New York near Rockefeller Center with the world's most famous X'mas tree (first set up in 1931 and celebrated since 1933, this year it was lit on 8 Dec) and the ice skating rink sponsored by the once almost bankrupted Citigroup. Mum did think about trying to ice-skate for the first time in her life but alas good food got the better of her.

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