Thursday, December 24, 2009


"Guess we should go and visit SoHo, since you've never been. And we don't have much time before going to the airport." Dad said to Mum. So after stuffing themselves in the two Momofuku restaurants they went to SoHo. There really wasn't much time exploring the artistic side of the area. They got sucked into Dean & Deluca and then the closing down sale of a shoe shop. So not a lot of story, we can only let the photos tell the stories.

1. They have Pet Adoptions Day too. Abandon dogs everywhere in the world. Please don't give us out as gifts and presents. We are a lifelong commitment.

2. Distinctive architecture in SoHo.

3. The ubiquitous cobblestone street in the Cast Iron District.

4. The ultimate stimulus package - Obama Condoms. For hard times. You see them on sale everywhere.

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