Monday, May 17, 2010

泗益 Si Yik - Hong Kong Style French Toast

After the Eve Felder cooking class mum had in Tai Tam, mum and dad went to their favorite french toast "dai pai dong" in Stanley. 泗益 Si Yik occupies one of the most conspicuous position within Stanley being just off the round-about going into Stanley High Street. It's a tiny stall selling the whole selection of dishes that you would normally expect from a “cha chaan teng", 茶餐廳.
They ordered two cold "yuanyang", 鴛鴦 and the french toast.
The cold "yuanyang" came pretty much immediately. It was a nice treat after a long stroll through Stanley market.
The french toast, 2 pieces of bread filled with "Kaya" jam then coated with a layer of hand-whipped egg fried with a lot of grease, took a while (almost 15 minutes) to arrive. It no longer looked as fluffy as it used to be and when you actually put a piece in your mouth, the burst of different flavors was no longer there. Slightly disappointing, especially after mum raved about it to Eve Felder after the cooking class, telling her all about the french toast in this little stall in Stanley. Time to search for another place or just an off-day by the cook. Where's your favorite "sai dor see", french toast in Hong Kong? After all it is the first item in 40 Hong Kong foods that we can't live without in CNNgo, there must be better places around.

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