Thursday, May 6, 2010

What the Dog saw - by Malcom Gladwell

Would you buy a printed book whose content you can download legally in entirety from the internet? Before buying the printed version of "What the Dog saw", you need to ask that exact question. Of course dad bought his before he knew of such option, as both the front and back cover of the book never mentioned the fact it was a collection of past articles from the New Worker magazine and all these archived articles are available at Malcolm Gladwell's own website:

But even with this useful hindsight, dad would still recommend buying this compendium of articles. It saves you time in retrieving them individually from the internet and then printing them out. He would even argue that it's a better buy then Gladwell's other more famous works Blink, Tipping Point and Outliers, where Gladwell expand an underlying, simple thesis into an entire book.

Blink - trust your gut instinct once you have practiced something for long enough
Tipping Point - exponential increases in activities are often triggered by some events that will be obvious only in hindsight
Outliers - exceptional successes take place under exceptional (lucky?!) timing and inordinate amount of hard work

"What the Dog Saw", in contrast, covered a broad spectrum of topics often with brilliant insights. If you like Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics, you will definitely like this book. Our favorite articles are the following for obvious reasons:
Troublemakers - What Pit Bulls Can Teach Us About Crime
What the Dog Saw - Ceasar Millan and the Movements of Mastery
The Ketchup Connundrum - Mustard Now Comes in Dozens of Varieties. Why has Ketchup Stayed the Same?

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