Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coffee Shop - Kitamura Coffee in Happy Valley Hong Kong

So what is the minimum investment to make a good cup of coffee? An espresso machine with combo grinder will set you back for around HK$6,000 minimum. A set of cheap siphon or a french press jug will cost a few hundred dollars. But if you come to Kitamura coffee, you will find out that the minimum investment is a grinder, either hand or electric, a simple set of filter and some freshly roasted coffee beans.
Single origin Peruvian coffee beans roasted on location that day.

Kitamura coffee is probably the longest surviving locally roasted coffee shop in Hong Kong. Opened in 2003, it has moved its location a few times and now located on the second floor of an apartment building in  one of Happy Valley's many side-streets. Inside a tiny apartment, Kyoko Kitamura serves you coffee from beans that are not just locally roasted but roasted on location. There are no fancy equipments just a grinder and a few filter holders. The brewing method is "pour over" which allows more control over the brewing temperature and time of the coffee.

You must be thinking - jee I can do that as well, pouring hot water over ground coffee!!
If you thinking the same, you should read an excerpt from the web-link below: - The barista dampen the filters, insert a precise measure of grounds, and then slowly and smoothly pour the hot water over the grounds, often using a funky looking teapot with a spout specifically designed to give the most controlled pour possible.  The weight and time and temperature are watched closely in order to achieve a good cup of coffee that brings out both the highs and lows of the coffee being brewed, usually a single origin coffee.  The pourover method creates a clean cup of coffee that typically balances out the flavors available in the coffee, and as Tom Pikaart at notes in the Oregonian article, it typically brings out the floral or fruity essences in delicate coffees — flavors that otherwise might be missed using a French press or other brewing method.

If you like a smooth, clean cup of mild aromatic coffee, you should head over to Kitamura. You might discover all the floral and fruity notes that people keep talking about but you never quite get.

Address: 2/F, 4 Shing Ping Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Note - the photos were taken by iPhone.

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