Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cattleya Orchids

The white-washed walls in our house, which only had a few framed photos of Peter Lik, have seen a surge of bright colours recently. Mum literally went "flower crazy" when she visited the Hong Kong Flower Show 2009. When we drove past Victoria Park the first Sunday when the show was held, the park was jam-packed with people. As always, mum was put of by the crowd. A few days later mum and dad went there in the evening when it was much quieter. The quality and variety on offer were impressive and the prices are much cheaper than what you get in the Flower Market of Mongkok (near Prince Edward MTR Station).
Mum is having some success with her recent batch of orchids, which unlike everything before them, have started to flower again after the the first lot of flowers wilted. She set her sights on the more exotic varieties during the flower show and brought some weird stuff. Be your own judge and take a look at the photos.
Both photos are both Cattleya orchids. Perhaps dad will take pictures of the other varieties we see later.

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