Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tapeo Wyndham St

Do you ever wonder why anyone would bother reading blogs written by complete morons like us? Perhaps you are less likely to pick dodgy places than going to places recommended by the "true" gourmets who get paid handsomely to endorse trendy places with their taste buds.

There was a small article in the latest Cathay Pacific in-flight magazine, Discovery, about a Tapas bar on Wyndham Street called Tapeo. Invariably, you get the usual dose of how wonderful this little restaurant is. Or what a rare find you get tucked in this chic corner between Wyndham Street and Holywood Road. You can get a taste of the article from TimeOut here.

First imagine the places that we, mutts walk past all day long; then read this.

You get your wonderful Veuve Cliquot champagne or the Burdundy white wine served to you ice-cold and the wine bottles are kept that way in an icebox. But little do you know that, the cocktails and the ice water that you get served are from the same icebox. Yes it is like "Sleeping with the Enemies". The sight of the barman shoveling ice cubes from that box literally had dad frozen at the bar. Now roll back 10 seconds and think the places we walk past........

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