Friday, March 6, 2009

Food blogs

Never understand how food bloggers get so many beautiful pictures in their blogs. Every time we see our breakfast or the long awaited treats, we will do our 100-meter dash and everything disappears within not more than 3 minutes! When dad went to Kenjo見城 in TST for Japanese sushi lunch last week, there were 2 ladies who spent more time taking pictures of the set lunch they share than actually eating. Doing food blog is probably a good way to lose weight.

Just imagine doing the same in the Fat Duck in the UK while having the tasting menu of more than 10 courses. Perhaps that's why, mum and dad never took any pictures there during their visit 5 years ago. But they kept saying that it was one of the best meals they ever had among all the Michelin-star restaurants that they tried. Just as well they were there 5 years ago and not now, apparently 400 people (yes not 40) have fallen ill eating there recently. Perhaps it was one of its many gadgets that failed, but at this point nobody is certain. Better stick to instant noodles, you never hear people getting sick from eating the odd packet of instant noodles, as long as they don't get the instant dumplings as well. (note all these poison dumplings that were reported throughout Japan claimed to be home-made 手作り餃子)

Instant Noodles インスタントラーメン - recently dad tried this brand 河村通夫の大自然ラーメン 胡麻醤油 from a Japanese speciality store. The packet claims to use all things natural and Japanese flour for the noodles. For HK$ 9.50, it's a bit more expensive than the local brands but reasonable given that it costs Yen 110 in Japan. The texture of the noodle is more chewy and the soup base is delicious with real sesame. Always cook the instant noodles according to the instructions, normally 3 minutes in boiling water is enough. Otherwise, they invariably become instant congee.

PS Michelin-star restaurants' business must be getting tough in London. While Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck lost hundreds of thousands of sterling in business during the temporary closure, Gordon Ramsay is having his own kitchen nightmares. His company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH), is in breach of debt covenants as reported in the much delayed annual report. Usually delays in releasing financial statements are really bad signs for a company.
Again mum and dad never took any pictures from the two different Gordon Ramsay's restaurants they visited 5 years ago. Shoots!! That's why we can't be food bloggers.

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