Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eventful few days

The blog pages have been filled with travelogues and food blogs. Needless to say, mum and dad have been neglecting us, until 2 days ago. We went to the SPCA in Sai Kung to visit Rocky, a 4-month old female Schnauzer found abandoned in the street. We realized why she's called Rocky why we met her in the adoption centre.
We waited for a few minutes outside the cubicle where Rocky stayed. The door opened and we sniffed our way into the the cubicle. So many different smells surged through at once, guess a lot of our relatives have left their marks there. Before we knew it, there's this ball of black fur jetting around inside. Upon seeing us, she stopped running and started the customary friendly sniff. But that didn't last long, she started running around and jumping on us while we were busy getting dad's attention. The thought of another mutt sharing the love was on top of our mind and we didn't really bother to play with Rocky. But Rocky kept coming back for more and when Scottie jumped round and stepped on Rocky with his hind legs, she made a high-pitch squeak and that was the only sound that we heard Rocky made. While running around, she would traget on anything that she could land her teeth on. She bite on shoe laces and trousers. Perhaps her teeth were itching to grow just like when we were younger but maybe she's a destroyer reincarnated. The session lasted for about 5 minutes but we could tell that dad think Rocky will make a good companion for the two of us. Not sure how he came to that conclusion when even we couldn't tell. But at least we didn't start barking as soon as we saw Rocky, unlike some others we saw before.

The staff in SPCA told dad that he was eighth on the queue for adopting Rocky and chances were not great. When mum checked out Rocky's status yesterday with SPCA, they told her Rocky has been adopted. Lets hope she found a good home and good hungry companions like us.
And last night we had our shower. It's worth talking about because mum and dad haven't showered us for a long time. Our helper has been doing that recently. But last night mum found that Scottie had a bad patch of allergic skin so decided it's time to give him a quick shave and a medicated shampoo shower. Maybe we will get mum and dad to show you our photos before and after grooming next time.

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