Monday, January 25, 2010

Another famous dog in Hong Kong

You might have heard about the couple which gate-crashed White House in the US and we have mentioned Obama's Portuguese Water dog before. But now Hong Kong has its own famous dog which combined the two qualities above.

The Youtube clip below forms perhaps the most talked about newspaper headlines today. A group of youngsters with a Yorkshire Terrier gate-crashed the Hong Kong's Government House 禮賓府 recently and posted their photos on their Facebook accounts. There are pictures of these youngsters posting as Chinese leaders, poking oil paintings in commemoration of the 1997 handover ceremony, BBQ and even dipping shoes in Mr Tsang's controversial Koi pond.

For those who might have only caught glimpses of the Government House during it's open days for the viewing of the beautiful azaleas bloom, this is definitely an eye-opener.

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