Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg) and Christmas Market

The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is the oldest and most well established Christmas market among similar markets setup during the festive season across Germany and many Germanic parts of Europe like Salzburg in Austria. The stalls were setup from the first Friday of the Advent and would last until a month later until X'mas eve.

Everything related to X'mas imaginable were on sale in these stalls. The dazzling displays of X'mas decorations, the lovely smell of fruit and herbal teas, handcrafted wooden pieces, a wonderful array of honeys and honey related products, beewax candles, and etc, the photos here give you a taste of what's on offer but with the crowd at night, it's when you could really feel the festive spirits. One thing to bear in mind though, these stalls closed at 8:00pm on weekdays' nights. Like so many things Germanic, the closing of the stalls were done with such military precisions that one minute you would see the stalls around you still opened and the next minute while you indulged yourself looking at the variety of fruit teas, all the surrounding stores would get boarded up. That was quite a spectacle in itself.

"Heiße!", the owner of the candy stall said when he passed two pieces of the innocent looking "Chili-Kirsch" candies over for mum and dad to try. Both of them dismissed the idea that these candies could be anything compared to the chillies that they have accustomed to in Asia, especially from a Caucasian man. Not long after they started sucking the candies, they realized that these were not your everyday chilli candies. Mum decided to give up half-way into the finishing the candy and dad managed to finish the course. These habaneros infused candies were as potent as anything that they have ever eaten. Just bear this in mind, next time someone offers you a chili candy!!

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