Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Before you can utter Hallelujah

While officials in China are denouncing the whole Google episode as an US strategy of spreading Western imperialism and colonialism, the Zhang Jia Jie 張家界 government as decided to embrace Christianity, another propaganda tool in the spread of the same colonialism,  with open arms.

The government has decided to rename the "Southern Sky Column 南天一柱" to "Hallelujah Mountains 哈里路亞山" after saying that the same Hallelujah Mountains in Avatar had its inspirations from Southern Sky Column. Not sure if the local government knows the true meaning of Hallelujah in Hebrew (praise Yehweh, praise to the Lord, our God.)

Only in China!!
Reuters article on Hallelujah Mountains
Sina article on 哈里路亞山

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