Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hokkaido - eat your heart out

Within one day mum and dad saw two sets of TV crew from two different countries filming food related programs in two different places 120km apart in Hokkaido. They saw a Japanese TV crew filming in Kushiro Washo Ichiba 釧路和商市場 in the morning and late afternoon they saw a Taiwanese crew filming 莎莎 probably for 食尚玩家 in Kita no Yatai 北の屋台 in Obihiro 帯広. 莎莎 was actually filming in Banchou Butadon in the afternoon according to the old lady at the shop. Auntie J was happy to meet a fellow country woman and took a picture with 莎莎.

Unfortunately, they still have no idea who the Japanese actress was.

The Japanese actress was an AV star called Rio. She has her own blog here.

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