Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stop Press!! - Are you kidding?

Our blog is all about getting a good laugh, so you don't see a lot of postings on current news topics. Then again, hosted by David Webb is normally a forum for dodgy financial dealings; but this is one of those rare occasions which Mr Webb made an exception. See the excerpt from Mr Webb's site on this case:

A niece of a top judge and of a cabinet member received a non-custodial sentence for her third assault on a police officer. The magistrate cited mitigating factors the relevance of which we do not see. Webb-site notes that five weeks earlier, another judicial relative of the cop-slapper upheld a jail sentence on a man with a clean record for the same offence. (4-Aug-2010)

Full details here.

This case is such a farce that the policeman involved publicly cast doubts on the fairness of the judicial system by saying that he wasn't surprised by the light sentence as the rule of law is rigged by the rich and powerful. Guess the attorney general, Mr Wong, should seriously get some work done instead of just raising his arm and shout 起錨, which so many of these supposedly well educated cannot even pronounce properly anyway.

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