Monday, July 26, 2010

Road trip from Asahikawa to Shiretoko

Waking up in Asahikawa, they headed for the a long day ahead of them driving. 294km between Asahikawa 旭川 and Shari 斜里 in Shiretoko 知床 via Monbetsu 紋別.

Their first planned stop was Sounkyo which was about 1 hour drive from Asahikawa. But somehow the GPS failed to recalibrate after they perhaps took a wrong turn. As if there was a conspiracy to stop them going there, all the road signs pointing towards Sounkyo also suddenly disappeared.

So they carried on driving. After making a quick pit stop, a tank refilling stop at one of the Idemitsu outlet and a scenic detour to Ryuhyou misaki 流氷岬, they were all feeling hungry. Monbetsu was only a short drive away. Crabs and scallops are famous there and from a leaflet they picked up from an earlier pit-stop, there is a whole street full of restaurants.

Will have to come back for this!!

It was just before 1pm when they arrived there. The town looked deserted and shutters were all down for almost all the restaurants along the street. It almost felt eerie. They found one small shop opened for lunch and it turned out that most of the restaurants only opened at night. While they would love to just sit down and eat there, but the restaurant only served a simple menu for lunch and they wanted crab. The owner was so kind that they called and checked if a crab restaurant nearby was opened.

Once they confirmed the crab restaurant was open for lunch, they walked over and climbed a steep flight of stairs to a small restaurant owned by a couple. They shared a deep-fried crab legs and a crab shabu-shabu among the three of them. It was a delicious lunch.

The 2 of them have worked together for 45 years in this shop!

The right way to eat crab - have someone do the work for you.

Everything cooked from scratch ......

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