Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shiretoko National Park 知床国立公園

It was a short drive from the town of Shari to Shiretoko National Park and there are a few things sights  worth stopping by along the way.

Oshinkoshin Fall オシンコシンの滝 - unfortunately it was closed to visitors on the day due to landslide hazard. Despite that, it's a real tourist trap and the souvenir shop there did great business.
Oshinkoshin Fall オシンコシンの滝

In every corner of the earth, there are rocks which resemble life-like creatures. Lion Rock in Hong Kong is just one of those examples. But the proof of the pudding is when you travel past the object and think "my god isn't that a giant xxxx?" without ever learning it is there in the first place. The Turtle Rock in Shiretoko 知床の亀岩 had that effect on mum. Guess it's another good thing not to do too much research before you visit a new place. You can see the turtle in winter hibernation here.
Shiretoko's Turtle Rock 知床の亀岩

Sunny Hokkaido - why mum came back with a tan!

You're never far from local desserts and cakes.
Still need to look up what this might be.
They just missed a bus going up the National Park when they arrived at the Utoro tourist center. While waiting for the bus, they realized that only one foot path walking out to the Shiretoko Five Lakes was opened. All the other ones were closed because of bears. The bus ride up the National Park was reminiscent to the one in New Zealand's Doubtful Sound.

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