Thursday, July 22, 2010

Evening in Otaru

It was pouring with rain when they first landed in New Chitose Airport. Everything looked immaculate and they only realized later that the airport had only been in use since late March 2010.

After they pick up their rental Toyota and started their journey towards Otaru in the north western coast of Hokkaido, the rain just got heavier. The horrible thought of nine more days of bad weather stuck in a rental car started sinking into dad's mind!! The rain lightened up into a drizzle when they get to the new LeTao outlet not far from the original shop. Mum made a pit-stop into her favorite dessert shop with auntie J. After picking up her cheese cake and a few snacks, the shop assistants were already half-way into closing up shop. It was just past 6 o'clock.

After keying in the phone number of the budget hotel they booked through, the GPS show another 1.8km to the hotel and they had no issues finding the place. Mum dropped her jaw when she saw there's another LeTao outlet right next to the hotel and it didn't close until 7 o'clock!!

The room was small but it had everything. Perfect for staying the night, but it wasn't the place to sit around and take your time. So as soon as they dropped their suitcases off and refreshed themselves, they headed out to the Otaru canal. Even though they have been to Otaru twice before this trip, they never saw the canal lighted up.

The canal had a certain magical quality with its lighting. 

They had sushi in the original store of Otaru Masa Sushi, where they had lunch during their first trip to Hokkaido, more than six years ago. The food was still good but it was no longer as memorable as the first trip. Perhaps they should just go for conveyor belt sushi like Sushi Zanmai next time.


Otaru Sushi Zanmai 小樽すしざんまい, just opened in June 2010 looked like it's getting a decent following already.
Otaru Sushi Zanmai 小樽すしざんまい
This budget hotel offers a buffet breakfast with a selection of grilled vegetables and seafood. Best of all, dogs are allowed to stay in the hotel. If only mum and dad could bring us along!!
Dormy Inn Otaru ドーミーイン小樽   
Dormy Inn Otaru ドーミーイン小樽
Dormy Inn Otaru ドーミーイン小樽

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