Friday, July 30, 2010

Kushiro Washo Market 釧路和商市場

Kushiro fish market is one of the three biggest fish market in Hokkaido and the other two being Sapporo and Hakodate. One of the famous offerings is ”As you like it" bowl 勝手丼, where you buy a bowl of rice (a few sizes are available) and pick your favorite sashimi ingredients as you go around different stalls in the market. Only mum managed to pick up her appetite after the previous night robatayaki dinner and did one small bowl. There were a bewildering choices of toppings, but mum set her eyes on the tray of ぶどうえび, which literally means "grape" prawn perhaps on the back of its purple color. There seems to be no English name for this prawn other than the long Latin name. For some really wonderful close-ups of them, please check out this website Mum picked two of them with the green-brown roes sticking to their underside. The flesh was firmer than the more common Botan prawns ボタンエビ and there was almost a sweetness in it. While they have eaten the same prawns in Tokyo Tsukiji market before, the ones in Kushiro were huge in comparison and they have never had the roes.

What You See is What You Get WYSWYG!! But then which ones to pick??

ぶどうえび "grape" prawn

”As you like it" bowl 勝手丼

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